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Pamoja re-starts with new executive committee!

At Pamoja’s biennial general meeting on 8th of June 2012 a new executive committee was elected.
The new chairperson Wolfgang Rausch and his team look forward to continuing their support to the Tanzanian HIV/AIDS activist group PIUMA in accessing continuous high quality treatment.

The recently published documentary “CD4-Profiting from Death” shows the importance
of this topic to Pamoja. Next short term goals are promoting the video in regard to the upcoming International AIDS Conference, taking place from 22nd to 27th of July 2012 in Washington D.C. as well as evaluating the accessibility of Pamoja’s treatment program for the members of PIUMA.

Pamoja wants to support PIUMA´s fight against corruption within the Tanzanian health system, which is largely financed by international donor agencies and help increasing the accessibility to high quality treatment.

Therefore “Public advocacy against corruption within the foreign aid supported health system of Tanzania and the improvement of its treatment program for People living with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania” are the top priorities for the next two years.

The new committee: Wolfgang Rausch (chairperson), Senka Sokolovic (assistant chairperson), Fabian Wirnsperger (general secretary), Gottfried Mernyi (treasurer) and Beate Dietrich (assistant treasurer).

As the financial audit of Pamoja for the year 2011 was accurate, the former executive committee was discharged properly. The audit report of 2011 can be accessed in German language under:

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