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Please support Pamoja’s campaign to make “Accountability on Delivery” the theme of the next International AIDS Conference, “AIDS 2012″, in Washington, D.C., by signing the email petition below.

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Dear Dr. Katabira!

International efforts against HIV and AIDS have made significant progress in recent years. Worldwide, more people than ever have been tested and almost 5 million people are receiving life-saving antiretroviral drugs. Private and government donors have shown great commitment to contain the pandemic and save lives.

But that progress is threatened!

Regrettably, many donations do not reach the people living with HIV and AIDS who most need them. Reports about misuse of funds and lack of accountability have been increasing.

People are dying because of corruption and criminality in the international fight against AIDS.

In a period when the global financial crisis is affecting funding for AIDS, the international community must take even more urgent action to ensure that the money that is made available to treat and care for people living with HIV and AIDS is used honestly and effectively.

That’s why I agree with Pamoja ( that the next International AIDS Conference in Washington D.C. in 2012 must focus on committing international organisations, public authorities, faith based organisations, NGO´s and grass-root initiatives to much greater financial transparency and accountability in delivery of services to people living with HIV and AIDS.

I call upon the International AIDS Society (IAS) to make “Accountability on Delivery” a top priority on its agenda and the central theme of AIDS 2012.

Yours sincerely,

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