PAMOJA - GEMEINSAM - Verein für int. Zusammenarbeit
PAMOJA - TOGETHER - Association for Intl. Cooperation

PAMOJA – Annual Report 2012

Medical Care for Members of the Support Group PIUMA

The appropriate medical treatment of the members of the support group PIUMA is still provided by the Consolata Hospital in Ikonda. During the last year we realised that our services are being used by less PIUMA members than expected. Therefore we are currently evaluating our ways of proceeding to find a solution.


CD4 – Profiting From Death- An Award

With the documentary movie „CD4 – Profiting From Death“ Fabian Wirnsperger and Andreas  Zacek have won the third place at the  40. Festival der Nationen in Ebensee, Lower Austria, in the category Long Films. This movie and the previous „Who killed Veneranda“ reveal how corruption in humanitarian aid affects the lives of the people concerned.


Accounting and Communication with PIUMA

Currently our support group PIUMA suffers from problems concerning communication and accounting. Due to several nationwide blackouts in Tansania exchanging information was possible only by phone. By the second half of the year we were able to establish communication again but audit reports are still missing. Therefore we have stopped all payments which PIUMA cannot verify until further notice and are now working on collecting missing information in order to establish transparancy again.
Medical treatment of PIUMA members is nevertheless ensured since we receive any information directly from the Consolata Hospital Ikonda.


Accounting Pamoja

The audit of the Association Pamoja – Together– Association for international cooperation for the year 2011 was positive. You can find it here.


Commitee Election

A new executive committee was elected. Wolfgang Rausch (Chairman), Senka Sokolovic (Assistant Chairman), Fabian Wirnsperger (General Secretary), Gottfried Mernyi (Treasurer) und Beate Dietrich (Assistant Treasurer) will continue assisting PIUMA and fighting against corruption.


Preview for the year  2013

In the year 2013 we plan to send two members of PAMOJA to Tansania to evaluate the situation and find ways to improve communication between the two associations and within the associations themselves. Also, we are organising an event dedicated to transparancy in humanitarian aid.

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